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Small Baby Girl Pastel Sock Rose Bouquet


Small Baby Girl Pastel Sock Rose Bouquet


Suitable for age 0-6 months

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Baby Girl Pastel Sock Rose Bouquet 

Sock rose bouquet comprising three pairs of socks in pastel colours; deep pink, pale pink and lilac. The socks are babies size 0-2.5 (approximately 0-6 months).

The sock roses are complimented by wooden roses, and wrapped in a pale pink muslin square that measures approximately 70cm by 70cm.

Complete bouquet measures approximately 30cm long by 18cm wide.

This bouquet is NOT guaranteed to be unique. Our pastel baby bouquets are very popular, and although we try to make them as individual as possible by using muslins and roses in various colours, we are limited by the colours we can obtain.

Please note, Aubrey the gorgeous Bo-Bear is NOT included with this bouquet. He just wanted to help out by holding the bouquet for the photograph!

A sock rose bouquet makes an ideal gift to celebrate the birth of a baby, or for a Christening, and can be taken into hospital in place of fresh flowers.

The real beauty of a sock rose bouquet is that it has a dual purpose.  In the first instance it is a bouquet of flowers, then, once the recipient has finished enjoying it as a bouquet, it can be dismantled so that the socks can be worn and the muslin used. Dismantling instructions are included with each bouquet.  

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